About us

Dragonet is a project started back in 2017, born from the mind of Giuseppe Spedaliere and his son, Alessandro, after a year and a half of hard work on tons of prototypes.

Giuseppe, co-owner of Spedaliere srl (leading company in stair design and wood working), conceived the original idea due to a personal issue related with his backhand technique. After 40 years spent hitting almost exclusively backhand slices, he found out he got lateral epicondylitis. Therefore, aiming not to give up on playing tennis, he needed to learn how to correctly hit one.

After many ineffective attempts together with coaches and instructors – also due to his rare free time, mostly after work – came the idea: creating a machine to practice his backhand slice technique, one that could be used after work, possibly even in the same, small space! To realize such simple but brilliant plan, though, he knew he would have needed a skilled man, versatile in programming. As a matter of fact, his son Alessandro studied  Computer Science at the University of Naples “Federico II”, so he was the best person he could have ever thought of asking to. Here they started, projecting and building prototypes, with the initial help of Salvatore Rocco.

Since then, jointly with Spedaliere srl, many experiments have been made and tested: many ideas failed and lots of nights have been spent working on this project, until, finally, Dragonet was born – the first tennis training machine working on a continuous cycle.

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